PAUL (Paul Nicholas Show)

Paul was a short lived ITV series.
It ran for seven weekly episodes in the spring / summer of 1978.

The series was produced by  Muriel Young .

The show was hosted by Paul Nicholas, featuing a variety of contemporary acts and a smattering of his own hits.  Every show featured the Teri Scoble dancers (TSD's), choreography by Teri herself.


Paul Nicholas.

There were 7 editions all of which survive in the ITV archives.
Granada Televsion. The series was repeated during the summer of 1979.

9th May 1978 to 20th June 1978.


Episode Guide

9th May 1978
Paul - On The Strip
The Pleasers - The Kids Are All Right
The TSD's dance to La Belle Epoque's 'Black Is Black'
Paul - You're The Only One I Ever Needed
Paul - Dancing With The Captain
Wings - With A Little Luck" (promo)
Film feature: Saturday Night Fever - John Travolta dances to 'You Should Be Dancing'
Paul - Earthquake, Landslide, Hurricane.

16th May 1978
Paul - Sway
The TSD's dance to 'The Floral Dance' by Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band
The Young Ones - Rock'n'Roll Radio
Jim & Addy - Highway Queen
Paul - Flat Foot Floyd
ABBA - ? (promo)
Paul - Heaven On The 7th Floor
Paul - One Way Ticket

23rd May 1978
Paul - Love Street
The Boys - Rickfield Nights
The TSD's dance to Bob Marley's 'Jammin'
Paul - Lucy
Marianne Faithfull - The Way You Want Me To Be
Paul & the TSD's - Grandma's Party
Strawbs - New Beginnings
Paul - Somethin' Else

30th May 1978
Paul - Reggae Like It Used To Be
Tonight - Money, That's Your Problem
The TSD's dance to Showaddwaddy's 'Dancin Party'
Paul - Stranded In The Jungle
Film feature: Jimmy Cliff sings 'The Harder They Come'
Paul - Love Street
Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing (promo)
Paul - On The Strip

6th June 1978
Paul - One Way Ticket
The TSD's dance to Darts's 'Daddy Cool'
Roy Hill - George's Bar
Paul - Earthquake, Landslide, Hurricane.
Andy Forray - Remy Road
Paul & TSD's - Sway
Thin Lizzy - Rosalie (promo)
Paul - Dancing With The Captain

13th June 1978
Paul - Somethin' Else
Bob James - We've Got It Bad
Paul & TSD's - Reggae Like It Used To Be
Paul - Flat Foot Floyd
Bonnie Tyler - Here Am I
The TSD's dance to Boney M's 'Ma Baker'
Darts - The Boy From New York City (promo)
Paul - Figaro, Figaro

20th June 1978
Paul - Grandma's Party
The TSD's dance to Sheila B Devotion's 'Singin in the Rain'
Paul - You're The Only One I Ever Needed
Steve Gibbons Band - Eddie Vortex
Paul & TSD's - Heaven On The 7th Floor
Leo Sayer - Dancing The Night Away (promo)
Paul - On The Strip


 Thanks to TV times magazine & ITV archives for the majority of this information.