2G's & The Pop People was a short lived ITV series.
It ran between June and July 1972.
A variety of musical and variety acts appeared on the show such as
The Bee Gees, The Move, Slade, Lulu & Spike Milligan.
The show also featured DJ's of the day such as Ed Stewart, Tony Blackburn & Dave Lee Travis.


The Second Generation.

There were 6 editions all of which survive in the ITV archives.
London Weekend Television.
10th June 1972 to 15th July 1971.



Episode Guide

10 June 1972 - (EPISODE 0001)

The Second Generation - 'Proud Mary'
Lulu - 'It Takes A Real Man (To Bring Out The Woman In Me).'
The Bee Gees - 'Morning of My Life,'
Jimmy Young - 'It's So Easy'
The Second Generation dance to 'Festival Time'
The Second Generation - 'Sweet Talkin' Guy'
Larry Grayson makes a cameo appearance.
The Bee Gees - 'Walking Back To Waterloo.'
Lulu - 'Nights in White Satin.'
Lulu – MEDLEY: 'Shout', 'Lulu's Back In Town’, ‘To Sir With Love,', 'Boom Bang-a-Bang', 'Don't Bring Lulu’, 'I'm a Tiger’. 'Shout,' 'Boom Bang-a-Bang' and 'To Sir, With Love'.
The Second Generation - 'We're The Second Generation.'

Running time - minutes: 38:46

17 June 1972 - (EPISODE 0002)

Tony Blackburn - 'House of Cards.'
Slade - 'Get Down And Get With It.'
The Second Generation – MEDLEY: 'In The Mood,' 'I Got A Gal in Kalamazoo,' 'The Road to Morocco,' 'Down Argentina Way,' 'The Road to Zanzibar,' Carmen Miranda's 'I Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi Like You Very Much,' 'The Road to Singapore,' 'Chattanooga Choo Choo,' and 'We'll Meet Again.'
The Second Generation - 'Love.'
Sweet Charity - 'Country Girl, City Man.'
The Second Generation - 'Back Off Boogaloo.'
Slade - 'Take Me Bak 'Ome.'
Spike Milligan - 'Sideways Through The Sewers Of The Strand.'
Spike Milligan - 'This Goodbye.'
The Second Generation - 'Higher.'

Running time - minutes: 38:21
24 June 1972 - (EPISODE 0003)

The Second Generation with Cheryl St. Clair - 'Nowhere to Run.'
The Second Generation 'Turn Your Radio On.'
The Second Generation - 'A Touch of Velvet - A Sting of Brass.'
Dave Lee Travis dances with Linda Lawrence.
Argent - 'Hold Your Head Up.'
Cleo Laine - 'Love in Slow Motion' followed by a medley of songs from 'Godspell.'
  include 'Prepare Ye (The Way of the Lord),' 'Day by Day,' and 'Hallelujah.'
The Second Generation - 'Imagine.'
Argent - 'Tragedy.'
Dave Lee Travis introduces a rock 'n' roll medley of songs which begins with Dave and Rock Rebellion performing the Jerry Lee Lewis song 'Great Balls of Fire.' Chris from Rock Rebellion plays The Move's 'California Man' and Cleo Laine sings Connie Francis' 1958 hit song 'Stupid Cupid.' Raving Rupert appears as Elvis Presley and closes the medley with the song 'Jailhouse Rock.'
Gilbert O'Sullivan - 'Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day.'
Gilbert O'Sullivan - 'January Git.'
Gilbert O'Sullivan - 'Matrimony.'

Running time - minutes: 38:17
01 July 1972 - (EPISODE 0004)

The Second Generation - 'Something Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight).'
Heads, Hands and Feet, featuring Chas Hodges - 'Hot Property' & 'Harlequin.'
Sandie Shaw – MEDLEY: ’One is the Loneliest Number', 'Without Him,'
The Second Generation & Sandie Shaw - '?'
The Second Generation – MEDLEY: 'Beg, Steal or Borrow, Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Sing Little Birdie, Say Wonderful Things to Me, Boom Bang-a-Bang, Knock Knock, Who’s There, Congratulations, Puppet on a String. '
The Second Generation - 'Trains, Boats and Planes.'
Mike Raven & The Second Generation - 'The Monster Mash.'
Scott Walker - 'Sunflower,' & 'We Could Be Flying.'

Running time - minutes: 38.08

08 July 1972 - (EPISODE 0005)

The Second Generation - 'We're Going to Make It Together, Nothing Can Hold Us Down' & 'Down by the Lazy River.’’’
The Move - 'California Man.'
Tony Brandon - 'Little Green Apples.'
Offspring - 'Windfall.'
The Second Generation - 'Take a Course in Happiness.'
The Electric Light Orchestra - '10538 Overture.'
Labi Siffre - 'Watch Me.'
Labi Sifffre & the 2Gs - 'It Must Be Love' & 'There's nothing in the World like Love.'
The Second Generation – MEDLEY: 'Thanks for the Memory,' 'Keep Young and Beautiful,' 'September in the Rain,' 'Isn't this a Lovely Day,' 'Pennies from Heaven,' 'There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder' and 'Painting the Clouds with Sunshine.'

Running time - minutes: 38:46


15 July 1972 - (EPISODE 0006)

The Second Generation – MEDLEY: ‘Were The Second Generation’, 'Take up a Course in Happiness', 'You've Got a Friend.'
Ed Stewart - 'Talk to the Animals.’
The Second Generation dance to an unidentified instrumental track.
Osibisa - 'Making Everybody Happy' & 'Jam.'
The Second Generation - 'I Am the Lion.'
Wei Wei Wong - 'Sing Song Boat.'
Neil Reid - 'Little Piece of Leather.'
The Second Generation performs a medley of Baby related songs.
The Second Generation – ‘We'll Fly You to the Promised Land.'

Running time - minutes: 38:25


 Thanks to London Weekend Television, ITN Source for the majority of this information.