Colour Me Pop was the first colourful nugget from the BBC which showcased
various artists of the day. It was the forerunner of 'Disco 2' which then morphed
into 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'.
It ran between June 1968 and August 1969.
A variety of musical acts appeared on the show such as
Manfred Mann, The Hollies, The Move, David Bowie and the Small Faces.
As with many of the BBC shows of this time, the majority of the shows have been wiped and only a handful have survived.


Stanley Unwin.

Only 5 full editions survive in the archives.
BBC2 Television.
14th June 1968 to 30th August 1969.
* Surviving/Recovered editions.


Episode Guide

Pilot Show - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Not Broadcast, December 67.)

14.06.68 - Manfred Mann
21.06.68 - Small Faces *
       Song of a Baker, Lazy Sunday, Happiness Stan, Rollin' Over, The Hungry Intruder
       The Journey, Mad John, Happy day’s toy town.

28.06.68 - Eclection
12.07.68 - Salena Jones & Brian Lemon Trio
      (BBC Trailer survives)
19.07.68 - Fleetwood Mac
26.07.68 - The Kinks
       Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Well Respected Man, Death of a Clown, Sunny Afternoon,
       Two Sisters, Sitting by the Riverside, Lincoln County, Picture Book, Days.

09.08.68 - The Peddlers
16.08.68 - The Tremeloes
23.08.68 - Barry Noble
30.08.68 - Spooky Tooth
07.09.68 - The Hollies *
        Listen to Me (This is a behind the scenes video of the Hollies filming CMP
                             which exists from French Television.)

14.09.68 - Moody Blues *
        Ride My See-Saw, Dr. Livingstone I Presume, House of Four Doors, Voices in the Sky
        The Best Way to Travel, Visions of Paradise, The Actor, Om.

21.09.68 - Unit 4+2
28.09.68 - David Ackles
05.10.68 - O'Haras Playboys
12.10.68 - Honeybus, Clodagh Rodgers
        (film inserts survive)
02.11.68 - Eclection, Spooky Tooth, Jethro Tull
        (all performances were recorded on 29-Sep-68 at Olympop! - A Benefit for the British Olympic   
         Appeal Fund held at Fairfield Halls in Croydon)

09.11.68 - Foggy Dew-O, Lew Prinz & The Bedrocks
16.11.68 - The Nice
         America, Ars Longa Vita Brevis, Rondo.
         (Recorded on 29-Sep-68 at Olympop! - A Benefit for the British Olympic Appeal Fund held
         at Fairfield Halls in Croydon)

23.11.68 - Alan Price Set, Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger Trinity
         (Recorded on 29-Sep-68 at Olympop! - A Benefit for the British Olympic Appeal Fund held
         at Fairfield Halls in Croydon)

30.11.68 - Giles Giles & Fripp
07.12.68 - Timebox
14.12.68 - Love Sculpture
21.12.68 - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band *
         Canyons of Your Mind, I'm the Urban Spaceman, Mr Apollo.
04.01.69 - The Move *
        I Can Hear The Grass Grow, Beautiful Daughter, Christian Life, Flowers in the Rain
       The Last Thing On My Mind, Wild Tiger Woman, Goin' Back, Fire Brigade, Something
       Blackberry Way.

11.01.69 - Sons & Lovers
16.01.69 - The Pop Tops
25.01.69 - The Toast
01.02.69 - Chicken Shack
06.02.69 - Bobby Manna & The Art Movement
15.02.69 - Barbara Ruskin, The Equals
22.02.69 - Marmalade
01.03.69 - Ten Years After
          A Sad Song, No Title, I'm Going Home.
08.03.69 - World Of Oz
15.03.69 - Caravan
22.03.69 - Harmony Grass
12.04.69 - Free
19.04.69 - Jimmy Campbell, Sweet Thursday
26.04.69 - Elastic Band
10.05.69 - Family
          The Weavers Answer, Observations from a Hill, How Hi the Li, Processions, A Song For Me.
17.05.69 - Cats Eyes
31.05.69 - Group Therapy
07.06.69 - Lions of Judea
14.06.69 - The Strawbs, David Bowie
         with David Bowie and Tony Visconti miming to “Poor Jimmy Wilson”
05.07.69 - Trapeze *
         Magic Carpet Ride, Meet on the Ledge, Can't See a Thing.
         (All recorded at a live show in Wolverhampton introduced by Emperor Rosko)

12.07.69 - Copperfield
26.07.69 - Orange Bicycle
02.08.69 - Love Affair, Philip Goodhand -Tait
09.08.69 - Gene Pitney, Mike Cotton Sound
30.08.69 - The Fortunes
Not Broadcast - The Chamber Brothers


From ‘Yellow Shark’ blog post
Surviving material from the show:
Currently only the editions featuring The Small Faces, The Moody Blues, The Move and Trapeze are held in the BBC archive, as well as the episode featuring The Chambers Brothers that was never broadcast.

In addition, three songs from the Bonzo Dog Band edition survive (one in unbroadcastable quality), plus film inserts from the Clodagh Rodgers/Honeybus edition, and the trailer for the Salena Jones show.
Other material that is known to exist outside the BBC is as follows:
A black and white copy of The Nice edition is known to be at large on the collectors circuit.
An additional film insert from the Bonzo Dog Band edition of Vivian Stanshall's band introductions set to 'Rhinocratic Oaths and '11 Mustachioed Daughters' was found by Kaleidoscope in 2016.
There also exists a b/w French TV-shot promo film for The Hollies "Listen to Me" that was filmed during their Colour Me Pop recording.
Off-monitor screenshots from the Giles Giles and Fripp, Timebox and Toast editions survive in private hands (though in 2009 Timebox drummer John Halsey cast doubt on the Timebox screenshots, stating they were from another show).
The soundtracks to the Giles Giles and Fripp, Hollies, Caravan, Fleetwood Mac, Barry Noble, Ten Years After, Family, Bonzo Dog Band, Kinks and David Ackles editions are also known to survive.


 Thanks to BBC Television, Internet sources for the majority of this information.