The show saw the Rollers struting their stuff in front of their screaming fans. Performances (sometimes filmed on Location) were all Mimed.
Guests Included Bruce Welch and ITN Newsreader Gordon Honeycomb.
Other Regular Featurers were :Guitar Lessons with Big Jim Sullivan and 'Let's Roll Back' ,a look back at rock'n'roll history.
There were also celebrity guests,including stars of the day, like the Rubettes (I can do it), Slade (Thanks for the Memory), Showaddywaddy(Three steps to heaven), The Goodies (The Funky Gibbon & Black Pudding Bertha), The Shadows (Let me be the One), Sparks (Get in the Swing-promo ) & Marc Bolan who cropped up on episode 18 (11th August) with his 'New York City'.
The Tartan Curtain finally came down on the show on 25th August 1975, and the Rollers went out in style: pre-empting Take That's 'Relight my fire',by 19 years with a routine with fellow scot Lulu,in which they performed 'Boy Meets Girl',decked out in bowler hats,suits and umbrellas.


Rollers Introduce..... 

Introduced by The Bay City Rollers Produced by Murial Young Granada Television/ITV Network All 21 editions survive in the ITV archives.
In 1975 Granada Tv Offered the Rollers their own tv series.Shang-a-lang went out at the midweek teatime slot of 4.25pm . Originally scheduled to run for 15 weeks it eventually ran for 20 weeks


Episode Guide


EPISODE 1 - 1st April 1975
Bay City Rollers - Summer Love Sensation, Bye Bye Baby, It's For You.
Lieutenant Pigeon - I'll Take You, Home Again Kathleen,
Twynn - Smile.

EPISODE 2 - 8th April 1975
Bay City Rollers - Keep On Dancing, Once Upon A Star, Rock and Roll Honeymoon.
Him & Us dance to Inner Sleeve - Here We Go
, Twynn, Big Jim Sullivan

EPISODE 3 - 22nd April 1975
Bay City Rollers - Disco Kid, La Belle Jeane & All Of Me Loves All Of You.
Mr Big - Lucky Man
The Goodies - Funky Gibbon.

EPISODE 4 - 29th April 1975
Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby, My Teenage Heart & Will You Be Mine.
The Rubettes - I Can Do It.
Big Jim Sullivan, 
Him & Us dance to Micki Anthony - Get Your Dancing Shoes On.

EPISODE 5 - 6th May 1975
Bay City Rollers - Angel Baby; Summer Love Sensation (on film) and Keep on Dancing.
Cliff Richard -It's Only Me You Left Behind.
Big Jim Sullivan, 
Him and Us dance to L.O.V.E by ?

EPISODE 6 - 13th May 1975
Bay City Rollers - Let's Go; Hey Beautiful Dreamer and Angel, Angel.
Bilbo Baggins - Hold Me
Cliff Richard, Big Jim Sullivan.

EPISODE 7 - 20th May 1975
Bay City Rollers - My Teenage Heart; Marlina and Shang a Lang.
The Shadows - Let Me Be the One. (on video)
 Bruce Welch, Big Jim Sullivan, 
Him and Us dance to Chuckles - The Music Goes Round.

EPISODE 8 - 2nd June 1975
Bay City Rollers - Once Upon A Star, Angel Angel & La Belle Jeane or Give A Little Love.
Mac & Katie Kissoon - Don't Do It Baby.
 Slade - Thanks For The Memory.

EPISODE 9 - 9th June 1975
Bay City Rollers - Angel Baby; Rock and Roll Honeymoon; My Teenage Heart.
Gary Glitter & Glitter Band - Love Like You and Me.
Middle of the Road - Hitchin a Ride in the Moonlight.
Him & Us dance to Bay City Rollers - The Disco Kid.

EPISODE 10 - 16th June 1975
Bay City Rollers - Let's Go, When Will You Be Mine and Keep On Dancing. 
Showaddywaddy - Three Steps to Heaven.
Alan Price, Big Jim Sullivan.
Him & Us dance to The Wombles - Womblin' White Tie & Tails.

EPISODE 11 - 23rd June 1975
Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night; There Goes My Baby; Summer Love Sensation,
Shout & Shang A Lang.
The Goodies -  Black Pudding Bertha.
Kristine - King of the Cops, 
Gilbert O'Sullivan - I Don't Love You But I Like You.

EPISODE 12 - 30th June 1975
Bay City Rollers - Bye, Bye Baby; Shang a Lang; Ain't it Strange and Rock and Roll Honeymoon.
Bunny - You're Getting to Me
Dawn featuring Tony Orlando - He Doesn't Love You.
Him & Us dance to The Marionettes - Three For All (theme tune for the film).

EPISODE 13 - 7th July 1975
Bay City Rollers - Disco Kid; Give a Little Love; Remember' and All of me Loves All of You.
Lynsey de Paul - Rhythm and Blue Jean Baby.
Russel Harty.

EPISODE 14 - 14th July 1975
Bay City Rollers - Let's Go, Angel, Angel and Saturday Night. 
Johnny Nash - Tears on my Pillow.
Him and Us dance to Roy Wood - Oh What A Shame.

EPISODE 15 - 21st July 1975
Bay City Rollers - Shout, Give a Little Love, When Will You be Mine and Keep on Dancing.
David Cassidy - I Write the Songs
Son of a Gun - A Man of My Word.

EPISODE 16 - 28th July 1975
Bay City Rollers - Once Upon a Star, Marlina, Give a Little Love and Disco Kid'. 
Olivia Newton-John - Follow Me.
Simon & Garfunkel, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards, Robin Nedwell, Pipe Major Ingram.

EPISODE 17 - 4th August 1975
Bay City Rollers - Give A Little Love, My Teenage Heart, La Belle Jeane, Rock and Roll Honeymoon.
Linda Lewis - It's In His Kiss.
Alvin Stardust - Sweet Cheating Rita.
Him & Us dance to The Ryders - A Rose Has To Die.

EPISODE 18 - 11th August 1975
Bay City Rollers - Angel Baby, Hey Beautiful Dreamer and Give a Little Love. 
Sparks - Get in the Swing.(on video)
T.Rex - New York City. (on video)
Him & Us dance to Nicky Rolfe - Miss Mistrust.

EPISODE 19 - 18th August 1975
Bay City Rollers -  I Only Wanna Be With You, Give it to Me, Saturday Night.
 The Glitter Band - Love in the Sun.
Him & Us

EPISODE 20 - 25th August 1975
Bay City Rollers - Keep on Dancing, Just a Little Love, & Shang a Lang. 
Paul Curtis - Call Me Back
The Drifters - There Goes My First Love.
 Lulu, Boy Meets Girl, Gordon Honeycombe.

EPISODE 21 - 25th December 1975 (The Christmas Show - 48 Minute Special)
Bay City Rollers - Lets Go.
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Who Knows Perhaps Maybe.
Him & Us dance to The Ronettes 'Sleigh Ride'
David Cassidy - I Write The Songs (promo).
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Can't Get Enough of You.
Graphics Film by Jim Quick of Darlene Love's 'White Christmas'.
Showaddywaddy - Heavenly.
Bay City Rollers - Lovely To See You (on film)
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Marriage Machine.
Bay City Rollers - Don't Stop The Music
Him & Us dance to Jean Claude Bollare's 'Dolannes Melody'.
Elton John - Step into Christmas. (promo)
The Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me & Can I Take You Home Little Girl.
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Christmas Song (I'm Not Dreaming Of A White Christmas).
Gilbert O'Sullivan & Bay City Rollers - My Sweet Lord.
Thanks to BFI, Kaleidoscope, Granada TV, & Missing Episodes Forum and various other sources of information.