Introduced,Produced & Directed by Mike Mansfield London Weekend Television/ITV Network 'Supersonic' Began in September 1975 as part of 'Saturday Scene' hosted by Sally James (When it acted as an occasional substitute for Kid Jensen's 'Rock on With 45').
It was launched in it's own right on 6th September. Supersonic was a studio full of explosions, dry ice and bubbles.
Debut performers included Suzi Quatro,  Gilbert O'Sullivan, Linda Lewis and David Essex, then at No1 in the Charts.
The Show Tapped into a new style of pop broadcasting, against a tired looking Top of the Pops, but after little more than a year, ratings and distribution had dwindled.
The Final series began in September 1976 ,by this time 'Supersonic' had been relegated to the Midday slot as part of the newly-merged children's program,' Supersonic Saturday Scene'.
The Final Edition went out at 11.00am on 2nd April that year.
The Guest Line-up included:  The Kinks, Elkie Brooks, Marc Bolan, who played out with 'Soul of my Suit' and 'Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller', joined by Ray Davies, Dave Edmunds, John Lodge and Alvin Stardust. The Show also returned in 1983 for a one-off shown on C4, featuring Elton John, Mealtloaf & Status Quo.


A Photo from the First Show.

1st Series: 4th September 1975 - 27th March 1976
2nd Series: 13th September 1976 - 2nd April 1977 
C4 Special: 27th December 1983
There were 58 shows in the run between 4th September 1975 & 2nd April 1977.
Of them only 1 is still missing (Show 11) 13th November 1975.                     


Episode Guide

Pilot Episode: (1st March 75)
Status Quo - Down Down
Rod Stewart - Mine for me
Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby
Gary Glitter - The Wanderer
Alvin Stardust - Good Love Can Never Die
Sunny - All around the moon
Maggie Bell - Suicide Sal
Rod Stewart - Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller

Show 1: (4th September 1975)
Suzi Quatro - I May Be Too Young
Alvin Stardust - Move it
Gilbert O'Sullivan - I'll Believe It When I See It
Linda Lewis - It's In His Kiss
David Essex - Once Bitten Twice Shy (Be Your Fool Again)
Linda Lewis - Rock'n'Roll Rollercoaster
David Essex - Hold Me Close
Alvin Stardust - Come On

Show 2: (11th Sep 75)
Chris Spedding - Motor Biking
Pearly Gates - I'm Gonna Make It My Business (To Get You Boy)
Jack the Lad - Sailed the 7 seas
Albert Hammond - Never rains in southern California
Hollies - Long Cool woman in a black dress
Marianne Faithfull - Dreaming my Dreams With You
Nazereth - Holy Roller
Show 3: (18th September 1975)
Andy Bown - Supersonic
Cliff Richard - Honky tonk angel
Pilot - Just a Smile
Bay City Rollers - Rock'n'roll Honeymoon
Chris Farlowe - Out of Time
Albert Hammond - Never rains in southern California *
Cliff Richard - Let’s Have A Party
Bay City Rollers - Shout!
Show 4: (25th Sep 75)
Hello - New York groove
Smokie - Don't play your  rock'n'roll
Sparks - Looks, Looks,Looks
Paul Curtis - Call me back
Smokie - If you think you know how to love me.
John Miles - High Fly
Johnny Nash - Let's be friends
Alvin Stardust - Come on, come on
Show 5: (2nd Oct 75)
Arthur Brown - Fire!
Hollies - He ain't heavy, He’s My Brother
Dean Ford - Hey My Love
Marc Bolan - Dreamy Lady
America - Hold Me Tight
Hollies - Long cool woman in a black dress *
David Essex - Hold me close *
Mud  -L L Lucy
Show 6: (9th Oct 75)
Andy Bown - Supersonic (2nd app)
Leo Sayer - Moonlighting
Roxy Music - Love is the drug
Dave Berry - The crying game
Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Blue Guitar
Arthur Brown - We've gotta get out of this place
Roxy Music - Both Ends Burning
Andy Fairweather Low - La Booga Rooga
Show 7: (16th Oct 75)
Sweet - Action
David Essex -The Main Attraction
Real Thing - Watch Out, Carolina
Marc Bolan - Dreamy Lady (2nd app)
Sweet - Burn on the flame
Steve Colyer - Hey Mary
Bay City Rollers - Rock'n'roll Honeymoon *
Show 8 (23rd October 1975) *
Gary Glitter - Papa Oom Mow Mow
Marianne Faithfull - Dreamin' My Dreams
Nazareth - Holy Roller
Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Blue Guitar
Pearly Gates - Make It My Business (To Get You Boy)
Gary Glitter - Satan's Daughter
Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug
Show 9: (30th October 1975)
Wizzard - Rattlesnake Roll
John Miles - High fly
Jack the Lad - Sailed the 7 Sea's *
Gilbert O'Sullivan - You Never listen to reason
Adrian Baker - Candy Baby
Sheer Elegance - On the Milky Way
Mud - L L Lucy (2nd app)
Show 10 (6th Nov 1975)
The Tymes - Someone's watching you
Thin Lizzy - Wild One
Linda Lewis - Rock'n'roller coaster *
Baker Gurvitz Army - The Gambler
Suzi Quatro - Hanging Around *
Ginger Baker-Drum Solo
Procol Harum -The Final Thrust
Andy Bown-Supersonic (2nd app)*
Show 11 (13th November 1975) ** MISSING**
This Edition is Missing from the Granada TV Archive.
The Bay City Rollers
Dean Ford
Mr Big
Cockney Rebel
The Troggs

There are no details of the rest of the artists or the songs performed but 
Melanie's is probably 'Almost Like Being in Love'
The Troggs is probably 'Satisfaction'
Bay City Rollers probably 'Money Honey'

Show 12: (20th November 1975)
Troggs - I Can't get no Satisfaction
Leo Sayer - Let it Be
Gene Pitney - Train of Thought (Stop the Train)
Barry Ryan - Matayo
Slade - In for a Penny
Melanie - Almost like being in love
Gary Glitter - Papa Oom mow mow
Show 13 (27th November 1975) **
Sailor - Glass Of Champagne
Showaddywaddy - Heavenly
Roy Wood - Looking Through The Eyes Of A Fool
Dan McCafferty - Whatcha Gonna Do About It
Mud - Show Me You're A Woman
Baker Gurvitz Army - The Gambler
Alvin Stardust - Angel from Hamburger Heaven
Show 14: (4th Dec 75)
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Delilah
Snafu - Lock And Key
David Essex - If I Could
E.L.O. - Evil Woman
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Gamblin' Bar Room Blues
David Essex - Oh Girl
Show 15: (11th December 1975)
The Drifters - Can I Take you Home Little Girl
Gene Pitney- Train of Thought (Stop the Train)*
Andy Scott (Sweet) - Lady Starlight
Ronnie Charles - Wishing Well
The Drifters - There goes my first love
Leo Sayer - Let it Be *
Bay City Rollers - Money Honey (+Titles)
Show 16 (13th Decemeber 1975) **
(Extended Version of the 11th December 1975 show, 52 minutes)
The Drifters - Can I Take you Home Little Girl
Gene Pitney- Train of Thought (Stop the Train)
Andy Scott (Sweet) - Lady Starlight
Albert Hammond - 99 Miles from LA
The Glitter Band - Alone Again
Terry Sylvester - For The Peace Of All Mankind
Chris Farlowe - Out Of Time
Ronnie Charles - Wishing Well
The Drifters - There goes my first love
Leo Sayer - Let it Be
Albert Hammond - Down By The River
The Glitter Band - Goodbye My Love
Mud - Show Me Your A Woman
Gene Pitney - I'm Gonna Be Strong
Bay City Rollers - Money Honey (+Titles)

Show 17: (18th December 1975)
Sailor - Traffic Jam
Kiki Dee - Once a Fool
Tony Sheridan - Lonely
Roxy Music - Both Ends Burning *
Sailor - Glass of Champagne
Cliff Richard - Miss you Nights
Kiki Dee - I've got the music in me
Show 18:The Supersonic Christmas Show 1975 (26th December 1975)
Slade - In for a Penny
Alvin Stardust - Angel from Hamburger Heaven
Leo Sayer - Moonlighting
Marc Bolan - Dreamy Lady
Linda Lewis - It's in his kiss
Justin Haywood & John Lodge - Blue Guitar
Roxy Music - Love is the drug
Sweet - Action
David Essex - If I Could
Kiki Dee - I've got the music in me
David Essex-Oh Girl
Mud - L Lucy
Bay city rollers - Money Honey
Show 19: (3rd January 1976)
Andy Fairweather Low - Wide Eyed and Legless
Rubettes - Little Darling
Kinks - No More Looking Back
Bilbo Baggins - Back Home
Osibisa - Sunshine Day
R & J Stone - We Do it
Kinks - You Really Got me / All Day And All Of The Night
Show 20:  (10th Jan 76)
Smokie - Something's been making me Blue
Drifters - Can I Take you home little girl *
Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance – The Poacher
Slik - Forever and Ever
Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance - Don’t Try And Change My Mind
Melanie - Look what they done to my song ,Ma
Kenny - It's so nice to have you home
Show 21: (17th Janaury 1976)
Marmalade - Ob La di Ob la da
Guys and Dolls - You don't have to say you love me
Ace - How Long
Marmalade - Falling Apart at the Seems (Until I found you)
Ace - I See no future in your eyes
Sweet - The Lies in your Eyes
Show 22: (24th Jan 76)
Pilot - January
Andy Fairweather Low - Wide Eyed and Legless
Bilbo Baggins - Back Home
Be Bop Deluxe - Ships in the Night
Pilot - High Into The Sky
Walker Brothers - No Regrets
Show 23: (31st Janaury 1976)
Sailor - Glass of Champagne (2nd app)
R & J Stone - We Do it
Chris Spedding - Jump in my Car
Fancy - Dance to the Music Maker
Roy Wood - Look thru the eyes of a fool
Slik - Forever and Ever (2nd app)
Sailor - Girls Girls Girls
Show 24: (7th Feb 76)
Sweet - The Lies in your eyes *
Ozo - Listen to the Buddah
Mr Big - I Wish I was young again
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - Arms of Mary
Rogue - Fallen Angel
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - White White Dove
Show 25: (14th February 1976)
Slade - The Bangin' Man
Cliff Richard - Miss you Nights *
Peter Noone - We Don't need the money
Hello - Star Studded Sham
Albert Hammond - The Air that I Breathe
Elkie Brooks - He's a Rebel
Slade - Let's Call it Quits
Show 26: (21st Feb 76)
T.Rex - Telegram Sam
Kevin Ayres - Falling in Love Again
Andy Williams - Solitare
T.Rex - London Boys
Steve Gibbons Band - Sweetheart
Golden Earring - Sleepwalking
Andy Williams - The Other side of me
Show 27: (6th March 76)
Georgie Fame - Honestly
Russ Ballad - Since you've been gone
Albert Hammond - The Peacemaker
Georgie Fame - Lily
The Kinks - No More Looking Back *
String Driven Thing - But I Do Believe
Slade - Let's call it Quits *
Show 28: (13th Mar 76)
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Runaway
Rubettes - Little Darling *
Barry Ryan - Judy
Golden Earring - Sleepwalking *
Charlie - First Class Travelller
Hazel Dean - I Could'nt live without your love
Gary Glitter - You Belong to me
Show 29: (20th March 1976)
The Glitter Band - People like you
Labi Sifre - Star Ride to Nowhere
Kevin Ayres - Falling in love again *
Melanie - Look what they done to my song,Ma *
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - Arms of Mary
Laurie Andrew - I'll never love anyone anymore
Kenny - Hot Lips
Show 30: (27th March 76)
Jethro Tull - Living in the past
Albert Hammond - 99 miles from L.A
Marc Bolan - London Boys
Sailor - Girls,Girls,Girls
Jethro Tull - Too old to rock'n'roll.....
John Miles - Music
With New Titles
Show 1 (13th September 1976) **
Alvin Stardust - The Word Is Out
Rod Stewart - Pretty Flamingo
Sutherland Brothers and Quiver - Secrets
Be Bop Deluxe - Kiss Of Life
Alvin Stardust - Can't Go
Rod Stewart - The Killing Of Georgie Parts 1 & 2
Show 2 (20th September 1976) **
Frankie Miller's Full House - Breakyard Blues & Loving You.
Twiggy - Here I Go Again
John Miles - Remember Yesterday
Terry Sylvester - Waiting At The End Of The Line
Frankie Miller's Full House - Breakyard Blues.
Twiggy - Vanilla Ole
John Miles - Rebel

Show 3 (27th September 1976) **
(Full details not known)
Frankie Miller's Full House,
John Miles,
Terry Sylvester
Show 4: (4th October 1976)
Sailor - Girls girls girls (2nd app)
Dodgers - Don't it always get you down
David Essex - Rock on
Sailor - Stiletto Heels
Climax blues band - Couldn't get it right
David Essex - Coming home
Show 5 (11th October 1976) ***
Mud - Dynamite
John Miles - Remember Yesterday
Slik - When Will I Be Loved
Marc Bolan - Ride A White Swan
Slik - Forever and Ever
Mud - Nite On The Tiles
Marc Bolan - Laser Love
Show 6 (18th October 1976) **
Full details not known
John Miles
Marc Bolan
Show 7: (25th Oct 76)
Osibisa - The Coffee Song
Gene Pitney - Hold on to the music
Smokie - I'll meet you at midnight
Twiggy - Vanilla Ole
Guys and Dolls - Stony Ground
Catherine Howe - Till the morning comes
Guys and Dolls - Let's all get together.
Show 8 (1st November 1976)
Linda Lewis - Remember the days of the old school yard
Showaddywaddy - Under the Moon of Love
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - Secrets
Billy J Kramer - Little Children
Linda Lewis - This time i'll be sweeter
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - Arms of Mary (diff)
Gilbert O'Sullivan - To each his own
Show 9 (8th November 1976)
The Rubettes - I Can do it
Alan Price - The Jarrow Song
Slik - When will I be Loved
The Rubettes - Under One Roof
Alan Price - Our Love Won’t Fade Away
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Love's a prima donna
Show 10 (15th November 1976)
The Glitter Band - Goodbye to love
Tina Charles - Dance little lady
Frankie Miller - Sail Away
The Glitter band - Lay your love on me
Tina Charles - Dr Love
Cliff Richard - Hey Mr Dream maker
The Glitter Band - People like you...(t)
Show 11 (22nd November 1976)
Bay City Rollers - Rock and Roller
Mud - Beating round the Bush
Kursaal Flyers - Little does she know
Babies - If you got the time
Mud - Lean on me
Jimmy McCulloch - Call my name
Bay City Rollers - You're a woman
Show 12 (29th November 1976)
Real Thing - You to me are everything
New Seekers - I Want to go back
Climax Blues band - Couldn't get it right
Real Thing - Can't get by without you
Sunfighter - Such a Lovely night
New Seekers - Music Medley: I’m a song sing me/I Believe in music/I've got the music in me/Music.
Show 13 (6th December 1976) **
Paul Nicholas - Dancing With The Captain
Sutherland Brothers and Quiver - When The Train Comes
Bonnie Tyler - Lost In France
Liverpool Express - You Are My Love
Heart - Magic Man
Liverpool Express - Every Man Must Have A Dream
Paul Nicholas - Grandma's Party

Show 14 (13th December 1976)
Chris Spedding & the Vibrators - Motor Biking (diff)
Clodagh Rogers - Save me
Osibisa - The Coffee Song *
Rubettes - Goody two shoes
Chris Spedding & the Vibrators - Pogo Dancing
Medicine Head - Me & Susie Hit The Floor
Rubettes - Baby I Know
Show 15 (25th December 1976), CHRISTMAS SHOW 1976 (40 minutes) **
The G Band - People Like You and People Like Me
Tina Charles - Doctor Love
Guys'n'Dolls - Drowning in My Tears
Marc Bolan - New York City 
John Miles - High Fly
Twiggy - Angie Baby
Gary Glitter - You Belong To Me
Gary Glitter - Medley :Leader Of The Gang/Do You Wanna Touch/Hello Hello I'm Back Again.
Gary Glitter - It Takes All Night Long
Gary Glitter - I Love You Love Me Love.
Gary Glitter, T.Rex, Russell Harty, Joanna Lumley, Guys and Dolls etc. - We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

These Tracks were recorded for this edition but never broadcast
(thanks to Martin Barden for this information)

T.Rex - The Soul Of My Suit
T.Rex - I Love To Boogie
Show 16: (8th Janaury 1977)
Andy Fairweather Low - Wide eyed and Legless (Diff)
Mud - Lean on me *
Hollies - Dragging my Heels
Pheonix - Easy
Andy Fairweather Low - Be bop'n'holla
Hollies - Daddy don't mind
Show 17: (15th Jan 77)
Jessie Green - Flip
John Miles - Music Man
Deaf School - Taxi to the Music
Jessie Green - Nice and Slow
Deaf School - What a way to end it all
John Miles - Manhattan Skyline
Show 18: (22nd Jan 77)
Eddie & the Hotrods - Teenage Depression
Liverpool Express - Every man must have a dream
Ace - How Long (diff)
The Dodgers - Don't it always get you down
Eddie & the Hotrods - All i need is money
Ace - You're all that i need
Slik - Don't take you're love away
Show 19: (29th January 1977)
Leo Sayer - You make me feel like dancing
Real Thing - You'll never know what you're missing
Mr Big - Romeo
Andy Fairweather Low - Be Bop 'n' Holla *
Real Thing - Hallelujah Man
Scrounger - Our Love
Leo Sayer - When I Need you
Show 20: (5th February 1977)
Slade - Mama we're all crazee now
Gary Glitter - It Takes All Night
Paul Nicholas - Dancing with the Captain
Miquel Brown - First time around
Paul Nicholas - Grandma's Party
Slade - Gypsy Roadhog
Gary Glitter - You Belong To Me
Show 21: (12th February 1977)
Suzi Quatro - The Wild One
Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones - To know you is to love you
Justin Hayward - One Lonely Room
Twiggy - 20 20 Hindsight
Suzi Quatro - Tear me Apart
Marc Bolan - Crimson Moon
Twiggy - Please get my name right
Show 22: (19th February 1977)
Sailor - Girls Girls Girls (3rd app)
Andy Bown - Love love love
Sheer Elegance - Dance the night away
Johnny Nash - Birds of a feather
John Lodge - Say you love me
Sailor - One drink too many
Show 23 (26th February 1977) **
Dennis Weaver - Devil In My Arms
Mr Big - Romeo
Racing Cars - They Shoot Horses Don't They
Guys and Dolls - You're My World
The Damned - Neat Neat Neat
Roy Harper - One of Those Days In England
Cliff Richard - My Kinda Life

Show 24 (5th March 1977) **
Kursall Flyers - Little Does She Know
Real Thing - You'll Never Know What You're Missing
Barbara Dickson - Another Suitcase Another Hall
Sailor - One Drink Too Many
Steve Saxon - There's Always Something There To Remind Me
Eddie Howell - Sweet On You
Kursall Flyers - Radio Romance

Show 25: (12th March 1977)
Glitter Band - Look What You’ve Been Missing (Spread your wings across my sky)?
Justin Hayward - One lonely room
Patti Bouleye - Stop it I Like it
Steve Gibbons Band - Please don't say goodbye
Danny Ray - Can't get used to losing you
Kiki Dee - First thing in the morning, Last thing at night
Show 26 (19th March 1977) **
Three Degrees - We're All Alone
Gerry Trew - Stand & Deliver
Golden Earring - Bombay
Gloria Jones - Go Now
Leo Sayer - How Much Love
Les Grey - Groovy Kind Of Love
Roy Harper - One Of Those Days In England
Twiggy - Please Get My Name Right
Show 27: (26th March 1977)
Dead End Kids - Have I the right
Marmalade - The Only Light On My Horizon Now
Strapps - Child of the City
Bandit - Going to Ohio
The Damned - Neat,Neat,Neat
Leo Sayer - How Much Love
Show 28 (2nd April 1977) **
Alvin Stardust - Growing Up
Blue - Gonna Capture Your Heart
Elkie Brooks - Pearl's A Singer
Dave Edmunds and Rockpile - Ju Ju Man
The Kinks - Sleepwalker
John Lodge - Children of Rock'n'Roll
Marc Bolan - Soul Of My Suit
Marc Bolan, Dave Edmunds, Dave Davies, Elkie Brooks, Alvin Stardust, Gloria Jones....
 - Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller.

Supersonic Christmas Show 1983  (27th December 1983) **
Shown on Channel 4 (4:00pm-5:00pm Tuesday 27th December 1983)
Modern Romance - Good Friday
John Cougar - Tumblin' Down
Soft Cell - Down In The Subway
Limahl - Only For Love
Status Quo - Margarita Time
Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie Tyler - A Rockin' Good Way
Marilyn - Calling Your Name
Meatloaf -All Revved Up...
Elton John - Crystal.
Adam Ant - Strip.

Thanks to BFI, Kaleidoscope, Granada TV, Jez & Missing Episodes Forum and various other sources of information.